Safety Warning

Safety Warnings and Advice from the Trimbos Institute: Always sit or lie down when using nitrous oxide. Make sure your hands are empty and put out your cigarette. Always use a balloon and never directly from a whipped cream syringe or tank. This prevents a lack of oxygen, but also prevents your lips, mouth or […]

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How does laughing gas work?

How does laughing gas actually work? that is a good question! We are happy to explain that. A short introduction of what the effect looks like in the video below. Functioning nitrous oxide As you can see, nitrous oxide only works for a very short time. But it also works very fast and quite strong! […]

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Laughing gas cartridges: Five questions

Nitrous oxide whipped cream cartridges on the street. The phenomenon of laughing gas in the street is something we encounter more and more. You know it, those silver patterns that are scattered on the sidewalk and the street. Sometimes dented and sometimes still a bit half intact. This often concerns used nitrous oxide cartridges that […]

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Is nitrous oxide legal or illegal?

Whether nitrous oxide is legal to buy, use or sell? Is laughing gas legal? This is something many people wonder. Until recently, nitrous oxide was not officially legal to sell because it fell under the drug list. And everything on the drug list is very strictly monitored and a lot of legislation applies. But the […]

Laughing gas harmful or not?

Is laughing gas harmful, dangerous or unhealthy? It is important to know whether laughing gas can be harmful. The use of nitrous oxide is becoming more and more popular, but this also raises the question of how bad it actually is. Health always remains an important point of attention in a newly emerging trend among […]

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