filling an empty nitrous oxide tank with nitrous oxide? you can refill with us.

All our laughing gas tanks are sealed and delivered full to our customers and are always provided with a seal to guarantee this. For the standard consumer shipments of the nitrous oxide tanks we have a return and deposit policy, which means that a filled nitrous oxide tank can be sent again and a deposit is temporarily held until the empty nitrous oxide bottle is returned to us. Read more about this under return of tanks and deposit .

Do you have empty laughing gas tanks or do you perhaps have a lot of them and would you like to have these empty tanks refilled until they are completely full again with certified 99.9% pure laughing gas? Which can! With our exchange/fill service you immediately have new full tanks.

filling minimum purchase 50 kilograms

whatsapp call now: 0618404406

exchange an empty bottle for a full one

Do you have an empty laughing gas tank? And did you buy it elsewhere? Do not worry. We take empty nitrous oxide tanks and exchange them for full ones! This way you don’t have to buy new tanks, but only pay for the laughing gas.

Use our switching service!

Did you buy your empty tank somewhere where you paid too much? Or has your previous seller stopped? No problem, just become a customer with us and use our switching service. How it works: you register your empty tank with us and you will receive a return box in which you send it to us. When your empty tank has arrived with us, you will receive a deposit code in your email. You use this code during checkout when you order a new full tank in our webshop, so that the deposit does not have to be paid. So you can easily order a new tank without a deposit! Click below to switch.