Nitrous oxide whipped cream cartridges on the street. The phenomenon of laughing gas in the street is something we encounter more and more. You know it, those silver patterns that are scattered on the sidewalk and the street. Sometimes dented and sometimes still a bit half intact. This often concerns used nitrous oxide cartridges that have been used for nitrous oxide purposes. Because this use and product is legal, unlike some other drugs or recreational drugs, it doesn’t have to be completely hidden for obvious reasons.

Yet for many people it is not known what exactly that laughing gas is. There are some big questions that a lot of people have about this.

Why are those cartridges everywhere on the street?

Whipped cream cartridges are used to use nitrous oxide. And that is used as a laughing stock or as a harmless drug. If a cartridge is broken open, the n2o gas can flow out freely and if it is collected in a balloon, for example, it can be inhaled. That inhalation is inhalation and exhalation through the balloon. And that empty cartridge is no longer of any use because it only concerns its content.

What does it actually do to you?

People who use this n2o gas experience a very strong intoxication. You can feel high and uplifted for a short time. Sounds are somewhat muffled or sound different. The effect is a bit reminiscent of drunkenness, but then an innocent form and disappears after a few minutes.

Is it dangerous to use nitrous oxide cartridges?

Not in principle. But they are not intended for inhalation, their purpose is to fill whipped cream syringes with them and a lack of oxygen can cause headaches. You may also injure yourself because you feel a little dizzy after using nitrous oxide and your legs are a little wobbly. That’s more of an indirect risk.

Is it legal to use nitrous oxide?

Yes. It is perfectly legal to use nitrous oxide. The gas cartridges that you see on the street are available as at webshops like this one. Previously, before July this year it was still forbidden to use the drug and sell it in that way, but that improper use has now been declared an item under the Commodities Act by the European Court. And anyone can sell or use it in any way. Using it is also not a crime. So everything about it is legal.

Does it ever go wrong with nitrous oxide cartridges?

There are actually no known stories about it. It’s never happened. If someone got into trouble because of laughing gas, it was in all cases because of a combination with real drugs or a lot of alcohol. That makes sense and explains the problem situations. Laughing gas in itself has been found to be harmless in the long term by the National Institute for Environment and Health.

nitrous oxide cartridges
nitrous oxide cartridges