How does laughing gas actually work? that is a good question! We are happy to explain that. A short introduction of what the effect looks like in the video below.

Functioning nitrous oxide

As you can see, nitrous oxide only works for a very short time. But it also works very fast and quite strong! The laughter is quite exuberant so not a small smile on your face but really bursting with laughter. What you often see on YouTube are sedated children who say funny things and who are under the anesthetic of nitrous oxide. Only by inhaling through a balloon it is only very short because you also have it out of your body in no time. You feel briefly high, cheerful and happy. Especially giggly and you have a warm feeling. It is also possible that sound sounds different and that it can overlap a bit. Sometimes people suddenly experience feelings and thoughts very consciously that were previously unconscious. In some cases, you can even hallucinate a bit by seeing or hearing things that aren’t there in reality.

How does laughing gas work and how is it used?

An inflated balloon is inhaled. This is full of the injected n2o nitrous oxide, which comes from a cartridge that is injected into the balloon via a special syringe. Since it is very cold gas, you would burn your lips if you tried to breathe the gas directly from the cartridge. It usually happens that the effect of laughing gas is experienced immediately, but at the same time the effect disappears completely after a few minutes. It is being used more and more, read it in this nrc article .

Dosage nitrous oxide

The duration of the effect of nitrous oxide is quite short as described earlier. Usually people take a single balloon with nitrous oxide and that equals one nitrous oxide cartridge. It does happen that several balloons are used in one evening, but that does not have to be a problem. It makes sense as with anything, the more you use it the less good it is. Laughing gas is relatively harmless, it can only give you a headache with too many balloons.