Use our switching service

Do you have an empty laughing gas tank? And did you buy it elsewhere? Do not worry. We take empty nitrous oxide tanks and exchange them for full ones! This way you don’t have to buy new tanks, but only pay for the laughing gas. We do not buy empty tanks for money, but offer you the next full bottle without a deposit.

Switch to Laughing Gas Advantage!

Did you buy your empty tank somewhere where you paid too much? Or has your previous seller stopped? Or would you rather just avoid strange types at the door and order from a professional company? No problem, just become a customer at Lachgas Voordeel and use our customer-friendly switching service.

How it works:

Step 1 . You register your empty tank with us and you will receive a return box in which you send it to us. You state the size of the empty tank in the registration email. We accept the sizes: 2KG, 4KG, 5.5KG, and 10KG. If in doubt, add a photo of the tank, so we can be sure it is the right type!

Step 2. We will send you a return box that is especially suitable for your empty tank. You can use this to send your empty tank to us.

Step 3. When your empty tank has arrived with us, you will receive a deposit code in your email. You use this code during checkout when you order a new full tank in our webshop, so that the deposit does not have to be paid with your purchase.  So you can easily order a new tank without a deposit! Click below to switch.


Does the button not work? Mail to with the subject switching service

Important to remember

Due to economic fluctuations in the steel prices and therefore also of steel bottles, the values of the tanks returned differ. So if you choose to switch, you will always get value for your tank with which you can then order a full one. However, the value of the steel bottle can be subject to price changes, so if you really want to be sure of the current value of the bottles, we advise you to check with us first.

Depending on the steel prices and the condition of the tank, take into account: 2KG (between 20 and 35 euros) for 4kg (between 30 and 45 euros)

Receive your special tank return box

To get your empty nitrous oxide tank to us, you need a special return box. You can get that from us. Click the button below or the box to get it.

return box